Google AdSense- Here is free what you want 5 things about Google Adsense.

What is Google AdSense

Google AdSense

Many of us must have heard this name Google AdSense. When we do blogging or some other work online, then most of the people have the same motive that how we can earn money online. Making money online is not a big deal its Everyone can earn money from Internet. But for that we have to be hardworking.

They have not put internet and after making a blog or website, our income will start. No one has got anything without hard work and neither will they get it. You always have to be serious about your work.

After creating a blog, money does not come from there. You have to prepare your blog for that. Just like we do not get money from planting grains, for that we have to sell them. So similarly you will have to put advertisement in your blog.

Whatever you advertise in your blog, it will give you money for that. AdSense is also a kind of advertising company, through which you can earn a lot of money. Let’s know about him in details. Google Adsense login

What is Google AdSense ??

AdSense is a Google product that displays advertisements for automatic text, image and video on a publisher’s website or blog. Most bloggers depend on it. If your blog is approved, then you can put its ads on your blog.

Google Adsense account create
You can make money in two ways from this. Impressions: It gives money according to how many times you see your ads daily. You can assume that it gives $ 1 for every 1000 views. Clicks: It depends how many clicks on your ads.

Once your account is approved, then you can look at the ads according to yourself and also decide where it will appear on your blog. When visitors come to your blog and see ads and clicks in it, then your earnings will increase. Once it becomes $ 100, you can transfer it through check or direct to your bank account. Google Adsense kya ha

Not on blog or website, it also works on YouTube. People mostly like watching good videos after reading something, and this is why YouTube is the 3rd best website in the world. You must have noticed that while watching videos in YouTube, you see some ads, these are not ads of Google AdSense.

If there are no visitors in your blog, then there is no benefit of putting AdSense ads. Google Adsense account login

It is not that AdSense does not approve on fewer visitors, it is such an advertised network that you can approve in any number of daily visitors. That is why it is very popular in the blogging world. How does Google AdSense work? Those who place ads in their site are called publishers and whose ads we see are advertisers. Google Adsense sign up

If you want to show ads of a company on your site, then it is not possible that you can talk directly with that company. In such a situation how many companies will you talk to. That’s why Google introduced a product called Adwards.

Through this, big companies or anyone who wants to promote their product or company in the world, they can register through it and add their ads. Google Adsense sign in

All company or products have keywords. Keywords are those by which people search on Google. If a product has a keyword on your website, then your website will show related ads for the same keywords. When Google’s Robots visit your blog and detect a keyword in your website, then they match it with Adwards and show their ads which are its products.

If you have written about smartphone in your blog, then advertise related to smartphone will appear in your blog. All these ads belong to those companies who have put realt keywords in their products in Google Adwards. And whenever we use their keywords in our post, we see their ads only. And one is interest-based advertising. Google Adsense YouTube

When you visit any e-commerce or website of any product, then the history and data of everyone remains saved in your browser. When you then visit a blog or website which has AdSense ads, it will access your browser’s data and show ads according to its previous visited page.

How to Create Google Adsense Account

To create your AdSense account, follow these steps-

Visit to

Click on Sign up button.

Enter the URL of your site which you want to show Ads on. My site URL is

Now Enter your Email Address.

Choose now AdSense to send you customized help and performance suggestions. Here you can chhose Yes then Adsense will help you much better.

Now Click Save and continue.

Sign in to your Google Account.

Select your country or territory.

Review and accept the AdSense Terms and Conditions.

Click Create account.

Now Your Google Adsense account is ready.

You’re now signed in to your new AdSense account.

Google Adsense com

AdSense believes that if you have interest in it, then it shows you its related ads. Thanks for reading my article Dizital Shashi is always there for you to assist you whenever you want technical knowledge.lf you like my article please comment.

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